Saturday, February 12, 2011

It's Valentine's Day Tomorrow!

Tomorrow will be Valentine's day. I wonder how my boyfriend and I will celebrate the day. I wonder if we are going to have a date or it will be just another Monday for us. He is a busy person and I understand. Also, I am thinking of giving him a simple gift. What do you think guys? Any suggestions?

How about you, guys? How are you gonna celebrate V-day? Valentine's day is not only for couples, right? It is a day for everybody! I suggest you make your parents, friends, brothers/sisters happy. Give them something that will make them smile. Simple thoughts count a lot!

I am planning to get my mom roses and probably, I'll just greet my dad and sister a Happy Valentine's Day! I can't think of something on how my family will celebrate the day tomorrow. I hope my dad will make something sweet for my mommy. It'll be really really nice. Just because they are not young anymore doesn't mean they don't have to do mushy things, right? Hehehe.

Let us celebrate Valentine's day with love and joy!  Advanced Happy V-day!


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