Saturday, February 19, 2011

What Happened to my Valentine's Day.

It was my boyfriend and I's 2nd Valentine's Day. Well, the first one was not really ours to celebrate. We weren't able to celebrate it together since he was not here in the Philippines.

Morning. I received a text message. It says, "Happy Valentine's day Honey. I love you so much. Smooch!" I actually didn't expect that I'm gonna receive that kind of message. Yes, it was just a simple message but it meant a lot to me. I mean, he isn't the kind of person who's sweet and thoughtful (but I love him so much).. What I am trying to say here is that, my boyfriend is not showy when it comes to his feelings though I know that he really loves me. <3

So there. I greeted him back. Then he asked me if I could go there in Manila. So I said yes, of course :)). I went there after school and I wasn't expecting anything to happen. I just want to be with him and that's more than flowers, chocolates, dinner date and sweet things to me. Really.

But.... to my surprise, when I came there, he handed me a bouquet of flowers and kiss me on cheek. After that, we played computer games together. I really had a lot of fun. Playing games like  DoTA (though I do not really know anything about this) and Tekken is one of our hobbies, jsyk.

It was already 4pm and he asked me if I could accompany him to buy something in Trinoma. We had our snacks there since we were both starving. He bought me this necklace that I said, he should have not bought one because everything is more than enough. I accepted it though. HAHAHA.

We sort of spent the entire day together. I wasn't able to go home since it was too late to go home. My boyfie was so worried so, I slept in their apartment. I slept beside her sister. :">

My Valentine's Day wasn't that special but that day was the happiest Valentine's day of my life (so far). I hope it'll happen again , next year. I hope he's here. :( Btw, my boyfriend is a seaman that's why he's always outside the country.


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